The Importance of Drain Cleaning in Aurora Homes: Avoid Clogged Drains

The drainage system is undoubtedly a vital part of the home. There is no way homeowners will be able to get through the day – much more get on with chores such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing – if the drains in their homes aren’t functioning properly. Aurora drain cleaning professionals always advise homeowners to keep drains clog-free, as it is key to helping them run efficiently.

In Joe Bousquin’s 2010 article “Clearing Clogged Drains and Preventing Future Clogs”, he writes,


“You can avoid the hassle by paying attention to what goes down your drain. A little care prolongs the life of plumbing pipes, prevents leaks, and avoids costly repairs.

Avoid chemical drain-clearing products.



You can buy chemicals to clear clogged drains, but these products sometimes do more harm than good. They can actually erode cast-iron drainpipes. And because they typically don’t remove the entire clog, the problem is likely to recur, causing you to use the chemicals repeatedly. The caustic action of chemicals may eventually wear away the insides of pipes, causing leaks.”


Most homeowners have an idea of simple cleaning methods they can use to unclog their drains. Some people use plungers while others might use baking soda or vinegar, or even use chemical drain cleaners when all else fails. Minor clogs are easy to address, but when the problem gets out of hand, homeowners have no choice but to call plumbing contractors. Before problems with clogging becomes too much to handle, homeowners should know how to address clogging problems while they are still minor inconveniences. Here are a few simple ways to combat the problem:


  • Avoid pouring grease and chemicals down your sink, as they tend to rot and clog your pipes.
  • Use drain screens to block unwanted particles from getting caught in the drain.
  • Clean the stoppers on a regular basis.
  • Do not pour certain foods down the drain, even if there’s a garbage disposal unit. Fruit and vegetable peelings can cause a mess that will back up your drains and block water from flowing freely down the pipes.


Putting these simple methods into practice can definitely help homeowners avoid problems with their drains. When things get out of hand, it’s best to hire a trained professional. Aurora drain cleaning experts from companies like Harris Plumbing possess the proper certification, license and expertise to take on this type of job.


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(Article Excerpt and Image from Clearing Clogged Drains and Preventing Future Clogs, House Logic, 18 November 2010)