An Experienced Newmarket Emergency Plumber Can Fix Freezing Pipes

An article on the Huffington Post Canada website dated January 23, 2014 details ways for homeowners to survive intensely cold days. During winter, outdoor conditions can turn dangerously frigid, and it can complicate matters for those unprepared for the cold. In particular, freezing pipes are a serious issue among Canadians, and the article offers some tips on how to prevent this:

“If you’re at home, and unsure if your insulation is adequate to offset frozen pipes, a small, steady flow of water could help prevent freezing.

“Keep a tap or two turned on. Not full blast but enough so some water is flowing through it, because that’s the other way to prevent pipes from freezing,” says Karageorgos.”

Freezing pipes won’t just restrict water flow, they’ll also threaten to burst those very pipes. Naturally, this causes even more harm in the form of major leaks, which can lead to flooding, water damage, mold growth, and slippery ice puddles, among other hazards. Homeowners need to quickly respond to frozen pipe problems by enlisting the aid of a capable Newmarket emergency plumber, like Harris Plumbing Inc.

Homeowners should be wary of a sudden drop in water pressure during winter; it’s most likely a frozen pipe that’s constricting water flow down the line. Certain parts of a pipe are more susceptible to freezing than others, such as those lines running along the outside wall or pipes installed in unheated crawlspaces. It’s important to repair a pipe before thawing the ice, so homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to call a skilled Newmarket emergency plumber to immediately fix the damage and restore water flow.