The Importance of Drain Cleaning, Seasonal Maintenance Before Winter

Although Aurora enjoys truly wonderful summers, we are all aware that temperatures during the winter can dip as low as -14ºC. This is problematic in terms of plumbing, for many problems will occur at the most unexpected of times due to the frigid temperatures. It is therefore critical to employ a trusted firm to provide regular maintenance services. What are some of the benefits that preventative examinations will offer?

Leaves being removed from a drain.

Hard Water Issues

There are many homes within Newmarket and Aurora that suffer from hard water. This is a condition defined by the presence of minerals (commonly calcium and magnesium) within the mains supply. Such deposits can dramatically alter the natural taste and over time, excess deposits may lead to the narrowing and corrosion of pipes. In some cases, the pipes become so narrow that it increases the amount of pressure within the pipes. When the winter season rolls in, such pipes are more prone to bursting.

Common Blockages

Another frequent reason for an emergency call-out is due to a drain blockage. Although this may be caused by hard water, it is just as likely that an obstruction is the result of a simple accretion of foreign matter such as grease that has frozen due to the subzero temperatures.

It’s a good idea to book a drain cleaning appointment with a trusted plumbing service before the winter season settles in. Pipes that suffer from restricted water flow are at-risk for freezing over and bursting.

Addressing Small Problems

One of the issues with any plumbing task is that many of the concerns will take place “behind the scenes”. To put it another way, most piping and other elements cannot normally be seen by the property owner. A small leak could quickly evolve into a scenario that causes thousands of dollars in water damage to the home. This is especially true since water expands as it cools, meaning any water damage that occurs in winter could potentially wreak more havoc than usual. It is always wise to contact a plumber at the first hint of a problem. A bit of foresight can go a long way in this manner.

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Hard Water.