York Region Plumbers Discuss Water Backflow and Potential Sources

Water backflow is a serious issue that must be prevented at any and all costs. It is caused by poor cross-connections in the piping of tap/drinking water and plumbing fixtures. Backflow draws dirty water back towards the house and potentially contaminates the drinking water source. If left unchecked, the bacteria in the water can seriously harm those who will drink from it.


York Region Plumbers Discuss Water Backflow and Potential Sources

Common Sources of Backflow

Cross-connections are common in many households, including those in York Region. These connections, however, must be properly monitored by licensed plumbers who specialize in backflow prevention. Remember that not all plumbers are allowed to tamper with your cross connections because a single mistake can easily contaminate the entire city’s water system. Licensed plumbers, like those from Harris Plumbing Inc., should immediately be called if you suspect that your water system has been contaminated. Changes in the taste, color or smell of your drinking water can help you detect this.

Some common backflow sources are dishwashers, toilets, shower heads, faucets, swimming pools and water irrigation systems. Other noted possible sources are water softeners and bidets so it’s extremely important that the installation of these equipment is carried out only by plumbers, who have the skills and experience.

Backflow can only happen due to two reasons:

  • Back pressure where there is a higher pressure in your home than the water supply,
  • Or back siphonage when the water supply experiences interruption thus lowering the pressure of the supply.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow is the result of an abrupt drop in water pressure in your household. When this happens, the resulting backflow of water can result in the contamination of your water supplies. Keeping this from happening entails the use of backflow prevention devices. As the name implies, these devices keep backflow from contaminating your water supplies. Ideally, backflow preventers must be installed on all cross connections and be inspected regularly, especially after your home experiences water problems.

Remember: the safety of any household, be it in Richmond Hill or elsewhere in York Region, must always be a homeowner’s top priority. Any changes in your water supply must be reported to plumbing experts immediately so your household can proudly proclaim a clean bill of health.

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