Alternative Plunger-Free Methods of Drain Cleaning for Aurora Homes

Effective drain cleaning in Aurora, as well as in other locales, usually requires a cleaner to put in hours of work in order to unclog the drain thoroughly. Blocked toilet drains are dreaded by virtually every homeowner there is, mainly because of the task at hand. As Philip Schmidt from noted:

Of all the misfortunes that can befall us in our everyday lives, few come with the same blend of horror and indignity as staring down into a toilet that refuses to flush. As the water level in the bowl rises ominously, we plead, we pray, we hope against hope that the problem will somehow miraculously resolve itself and we will be spared the mortification and mess) of a spillover. And when you’re a guest in someone else’s house, you plead and pray at least 10,000 times harder.

But what if the most common solutions aren’t around at the moment? Here are some ingenious, yet somehow effective ways of unclogging drains. 

Wait for it, and then flush – Thank Sir Isaac Newton for the discovery of gravity on this one. A lot of toilets nowadays, even those that may be considered high-end, rely on the power of gravity to flush the waste. Water obviously has weight, and dumping a lot of it over the clog can push the latter away from the line. One just has to be careful not to overfill the toilet or else waste will spill over, and nobody would ever want that.

Hot water and soap – Homeowners are advised to heat water, dump some of it into the bowl, and let it sit for a few minutes. After pouring the water in, its heat will gradually break the clog up. In several situations, the heat is sometimes enough to break down the blockage without further intervention, but that’s not always the case. To further break down the clog, one can add a small amount of dishwashing soap to the hot water as well.

Closet auger – A closet auger works like a standard drain snake. This specific tool often has a sharp spiral of wire on its tip, and a semi-rigid wire which can flex to follow the bends of a toilet bowl. It also has an offset hand crank, which can be turned to make the spiral tip move and clear off the clog.

In the unfortunate event that none of these methods work, then there’s no other way but to call for professional drain cleaning from Aurora firms like Harris Plumbing, Inc. to remedy the issue.

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