Certified Aurora Plumbers Benefit from Stricter Trade Regulations

Stricter trade regulations are finally funneling compulsory trade practitioners in Ontario, helping Canadians find tradesmen who are duly licensed and insured to carry out their jobs. According to an article in the Plumbing and HVAC magazine, the Ontario College of Trades is finally holding tradesmen more accountable by charging and enforcing fines on uncertified companies and individuals conducting business in the compulsory trades, including plumbing.

Legitimate contractors have looked forward to this change for quite some time as uncertified companies have gone without punishment in the past after working on project deals without having the necessary qualifications. The College has issued this statement on the matter:

It is an important safety measure that the public and businesses confirm the qualifications of tradespeople they are hiring to do the work of a compulsory trade,” remarked Bob Onyschuk, director of compliance and enforcement for the College.

The college currently has 41 enforcement officers throughout Ontario. They can issue tickets up to $195 to an individual and $295 for an employer. Repeat offences can result in charges being laid and up to $10,000 in fines.

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Plumbing is listed as a designated compulsory trade at The Ontario College of Trades website. This means that plumbing-related jobs have been identified by the Minister as appropriate for certification and apprenticeship training. Skilled Aurora plumbers, for instance, like Harris Plumbing Inc., can only render services or employ apprentices if the companies are already certified.

The fines are supposed to regulate the plumbing profession and guarantee that each worker meets the standards set for the field. The same goes for other tradesmen in Ontario such as electricians, construction workers, heating and air conditioning mechanics, and heavy machinery operators.

The crackdown on unlicensed trades is a vital step in ensuring the welfare of both customers and certified tradesmen who enter into a contract or a project. Clients are assured that the person they hire has the necessary skills and training to provide the services being paid for, and plumbing professionals know that they are in a business which values fairness and quality workmanship, and rewards those who adhere to lawful standards and requirements.

Along with other trustworthy Ontario contractors, this improvement gives an edge to companies like Harris Plumbing Inc. that employ reputable professionals in the York Region and Simcoe County, ready to provide quality services any time a client needs a plumber in Barrie, Aurora, Muskoka, and other localities.

(Source: Ontario cracks down on unlicensed trades, PHVAC, July 14, 2014)