Three Signs That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning in Your Home

Recently, if you’ve taken a walk down the aisles of a department store or even a supermarket, you’ve probably seen dozens of brands of drain cleaning agents and other tools for getting rid of drain blockage. While it’s true that certain, smaller clogs can be cleared away using a humble plunger, there are certain occasions that call for professional drain cleaning. Here are a few early warning signs which might mean you’ll need to start looking for a professional drain cleaning service.

A man using a plunger to unclog a sink.

Slow-Moving Drains
First of all, don’t underestimate the eventual consequences of slow-moving drains. If you simply got up one day and realised the sink is draining a lot slower than you remember, don’t put it off, and try to tackle whatever the issue is before it escalates. Slow moving drains can be a sign of any number of problems, such as grease and mineral buildup, the early stages of a clog, or a drainage system that hasn’t been properly graded. If you notice that your drains are moving very slowly, a professional drain cleaning service around Aurora, such as Harris Plumbing Inc., will help you find the root of the problem and will prevent you from wasting money on different DIY techniques that may not do the job.
Another sign you should be wary of are clogs that seem to spring up again and again. You may find that your bathtub or shower drain is particularly prone to clogging, mainly due to all the hair that gets washed down their plug holes. If you’re feeling like you spend half the weekend dealing with the same blockage in the same drain, you might need a professional drain cleaning service. You should be just as wary of clogs that appear in multiple places in your house. If more than one plug hole in your house becomes clogged up at roughly the same time, this could mean a problem in the main drain system of your house, rather than the individual fixtures.
Foul Odour
Now here’s a sign you’ll find pretty hard to ignore! If you notice a truly rancid odour springing up in certain areas of your home, horribly similar to a sewer leak, it probably means a major issue in your drainage system.
These kinds of problem can often be solved through a full and thorough drain cleaning, but may also require replacing certain parts of your plumbing. Whatever the issue, it’s always best to get a professional in for their expert opinion.